Love is a Fallacy (3)


Polly,” I said when next we sat beneath our oak, “tonight we will not discuss

“Aw, gee,” she said, disappointed.

“My dear,” I said, favoring her with a smile, “we have now spent five evenings together. We have gotten along, splendidly. It is clear that we are well

“Hasty Generalization,” said Polly brightly.

“I beg your pardon,” said I.

“Hasty Generalization,” she repeated.

“How can you say that we are well matched on the basis of only five dates?”

I chuckled with amusement. The dear child had learned her lesions well.

“My dear,” I said, patting her hand in a tolerant manner, “five dates is
plenty. After all, you don’t have to eat a whole cake to know it’s good.”

“False Analogy,” said Polly promptly. “I’m not a cake. I’m a girl.”

I chuckled with somewhat less amusement. The dear child had learned her lesson perhaps too well. I decided to change tactics. Obviously the best approach was a simple, strong, direct declaration of love. I paused for a moment while my massive brain chose the proper words. Then I began:

“Polly, I love you. You are the whole world to me, and the moon and the stars and the constellations of outer space. Please, my darling, say that you will go steady with me, for if you will not, life will be meaningless. I will languish. I will refuse my meals. I will wander the face of the earth, a shambling, hollow-eyed hulk.”

There, I thought, folding my arms, that ought to do it.

“Ad Misericordiam,” said Polly.

I ground my teeth…Frantically, I fought back the tide of panic surging
through me. At all costs I had to keep cool.

“Well, Polly,” I said, forcing a smile, “you certainly have learned your fallacies.”

“You’re darn right,” she said with a vigorous nod.

“And who taught the to you, Polly?”

“You did.”

“That’s right. So you do owe me something, don’t you, my dear? If I hadn’t come along you never would have learned about fallacies.”

“Hypothesis Contrary to Fact,” she said instantly.

I dashed perspiration from my brow. “Polly,” I croaked, “you mustn’t take all these things so literally. I mean this is just classroom stuff. You know that the things you learn in school don’t have anything to do with life.”

“Dicto Simpliciter,” she said, wagging her finger at me playfully.

That did it. I leaped to my feet, bellowing like a bull.

“Will you or will you not go steady with me?”

“I will not,” she replied.

“Why not?” I demanded.

“Because this afternoon I promised Petey Burch that I would go steady with him. I reeled back, overcome with the infamy of it. After he promised, after he made a deal, after he shook my hand!”

“The rat” I shrieked, kicking up great chunks of turf.

“You can’t go with him, Polly. He’s a liar. He’s a cheat. He’s a rat.”

“Poisoning the Well,” said stop shouting. I think shouting must be a fallacy

With an immense effort of will, I modulated my voice.

“All right,” I said. “You are a logician. Let’s look at this thing logically. How could you choose Petey Burch over me? Look at me – a brilliant student., a tremendous intellectual, a man with an assured future. Look at Petey – a knothead, a jitterbug, a guy who’ll ever know his next meal is coming from. Can you give me one logical reason why you should go steady with Petey Burch?”

“I certainly can,” declared Polly. “He got a raccoon coat.”


Amazing rite? the story provides an amusing lesson in logical fallacy. Even more, it showed us that love is a fallacy (logically). Not a logic thing could explain our preferences to like someone, love someone, or pick someone over someone.

Sadly, I ve witnessed this case. The one I know risked her almost 5 years relationship with someone, well I could say improper but she did it instead (logical fallacy). And you can guess, the boyfriend found out, and they broke up. The girl very sorry for what happened and wishing the boyfriend forgive her. But again, love is a fallacy (logically) the boyfriend won’t forgive her. I guess he was hurt, deeply.

So, be careful of love because it is deceiving, it clouds your mind, it turns your world upside-down. Yet, that made us called human who have certain limitation. We experienced it but we couldn’t explain it. Yes, that is love. It is a fallacy (logically).


2 responses to “Love is a Fallacy (3)

  1. knapa dibagi jadi 3 gini dan? apa di wordpress emang ada limit banyaknya tulisan dalam 1x posting ya? hooo..

    i’ve also witnessed one.. the same case as u saw, i think.. and am very sorry for what happened..

    anyway, skarang mah mudah-mudahan keduanya nemuin jalan yang terbaik.. percaya da kalo jodoh mah ga akan kmana.. ga akan kehalang ruang atau kehalang waktu.. kalopun emang bukan jodoh untuk masing-masing, pasti ada orang yang terbaik untuk masing-masing..

    eh, kmu ga publish dapet artikelnya dari syapa? HAHAHA.. ga ketang, bercandaaa..

  2. takut yang baca pusing ndut. Lagian gw lagi bingung gimana cara ubah tampilan wodpress. hahahahaha

    Yeps, shits happened. I also believe in that, anything happened for a reason. I hope this turns out to be something good

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