Debate on Abortion

Kerry : “not everybody has same beliefs about when the life is started”

Wildan: “but it is still considered killing  if you allow abortion to happen”

Kerry: “So, tell me, in Islam when does the life starts”

Wildan: “around third month of pregnancy”

Kerry: “In some christian beliefs, the sex itself is to create a life. So it is considered as life”

Wildan: “I respect that”

Kerry: “So, if someone do abortion before three months it is not considered as killing” ?

Wildan: “logically, in Islam yes. But, in my opinion it is still considered as a murder. So they shouldn’t legalize abortion”

Kerry: “on what based”?

Wildan: “Logical”

Kerry: “I’ve told you not everybody has the same view about when the life is started. So, if you  make regulation based on what your so-called logical and religion, it means you force your belief to another. And that against human rights”

Wildan: (this girl is really good, I should’ve read more before debating with this one, Hmm I think I should flame her, hehe) “Kerry, look my Country is different than your country. We don’t do sleeping around. I’m not judging, but by letting abortion to be legalized -except to save mother life or health- is a legitimation to do so. So it’s more like social control” (and now she looks piss, hehe)

Kerry: “Hey, now you are making a generalization. The main problem is not we’re doing sleeping around or not. It is about women rights to choose whats good for her.  You now, in this situation woman is the victim. Can you imagine what happen if a woman is pregnant and the man refuse to have a baby and he run away. What would happen with her. Her life probably destroyed. And if the woman is in middle-lower class. She will have problems to raise a baby. Will You let this happen”?

Wildan: (it works, but it doesn’t do any good on this debate. f*ck, she is really good)  after long silence…….”but i still think it is a murder”

Debate on abortion

Debate on abortion

That was a piece of the debate between me and my best friend. It happened after we’ve had dinner at Warung Sari Rasa in HOP badak. Yes, It is about abortion. It  was started when I’ve told her about journalism investigation on huge number of illegal abortion in Tempo Magazine in Jakarta. So on,the debate went. It’s me on pro-life and kerry on pro-choice. The different was, I had little knowledge about abortion and Kerry was a health adviser in her college. So, Kerry had a lot more information than me. In this debate she was able to knock me out. I had to accept her abortion and “feminist” view. At least,  I learned a lot from the debate.

According to Tempo Magazine, approximately 100.000 women all over Jakarta “killed” unborn babies. In Indonesia, estimated there are 2.5 million numbers of illegal abortion. Worldwide, there are 19 million abortion. This huge demand of abortion leads to  opening of  illegal abortion clinics with skyrocketing charge because of the huge demands. With or without supervision of competence medical expert illegal abortion raises problems. With supervision of medical experts, morally it is not acceptable because there is an indication that doctors get huge economic benefits from abortion practice.

According to Tempo, in Jakarta alone, Rp 200 billion  is  generated from this business. It is more than institution of public health service’s budget all over Jakarta. Without supervision of medical experts, illegal abortion is risky. People is dying.  According to UNICEF, unsafe abortion cause 4% of deaths among pregnant women in Africa, 6% in asia and 12% in latin America and Carribbean. Scary huh?

The key players in this business are doctors. In Indonesia, according to  Tempo, in Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana (Civil Law Code) it is clearly stated that any act to deprive fetus forcibly is a crime.  But, in Undang-Undang Kesehatan Indonesia 1992  (Indonesian Law of Health 1992) abortion is allowed  under “medical circumstances”. The problem is,  “medical circumstances” term is ambiguous. It depends on Doctors to define it. Doctors can take advantage in this situation, some doctors may refuse to do abortion and some doctors may do abortion, of course with skyrocketing charge.  It is hard to legalize or forbid abortion. Like it or not abortion is happening. If we strictly forbid abortion practice,  the customer might turn to amateurs, it will be too risky for women. If we legalize it, in my common sense, it would not happen in Indonesia. Our society doesn’t have same perspective about abortion.

It is divided to pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life argues that fetus has a right to live. Pro-choice argues women has a right to choose what to do. Not to mention from religious perspective, the debate would go endlessly. Whether pro-life or pro-choice, doctors shouldn’t take advantage of this situation by taking huge profit, it is morally unacceptable.

To tackle this problems, several steps should be made. There should be a specific explanation about “medical circumstances” in Indonesian Heath Law, so Doctors can’t take advantage of this ambiguous Law. Doctor who’s convicted to do illegal abortion have to give up their license to open a clinic. Besides that, under specific medical circumstances, abortion should be done in specific hospital, so it could be controlled and recorded. I agree, it is our responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Aside from religious perspective, contraceptive usage should be available not only for married couple. In Indonesia, nowadays, a lot of unmarried women are sexualy active. It is not an attemp to legitimate free sex. It addresses a bigger problems such as unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease. According to Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health report, Between 1991 and 2003, increased contraceptive use among sexually active teenagers played an important role in driving down teenage pregnancy rates while their sexual activites remain unchanged. With controlled pregnancies, we can ease the problems caused by unwanted pregnancies that involved  unwanted children and unprepared mothers. Moreover , sexual education should be introduced more massively to students  so the future generation knows the problems and consequences of free sex.

Though Kerry was able to knock me out in debate on abortion. It stimulates me to learn comprehensively about abortion. I realized this problem happens because there is a shift paradigm. Things are changing. I haven’t had keep up with these problems. I kept thinking about an utopian world I created in my mind. One of my goals after I graduated is to be able to compete globally. How come I compete globally if I cannot address the problems in the world nowadays. I think I know everything, apparently I know nothing.


2 responses to “Debate on Abortion

  1. Bukan berarti belum ditiupkannya ruh ke janin maka jadi pembenaran untuk menggugurkan kan yah??
    Coba aja si ibu memberikan kesempatan pada si janin untuk tumbuh lahir dan membesarkannya,,maka janin yang (mungkin) berawal dari tidak diinginkan menjadi akan ia pertahankan dengan seluruh hidupnya…
    Menurut Lani si,,bukan boleh atau tidaknya aborsi yang patut diperdebatkan,,,tapi bagaimana pembenahan moral di masyarakat (tidak spesifik menunjuk, lebih general) yang harus dibenahi,,,
    if sudah terjadi trus bagaimana???…pemberian pendampingan penuh ke si calon2 ibu secara psikis dan fisik…butuh kerja keras memang,,tidak hanya dari pemerintah tapi masyarakat secara luas,,,

  2. Bener, debat gak akan berakhir dan menyelesaikan masalah.
    Iya, pembenahan moral memang perlu, tapi namanya moral kan gak bisa dibangun satu malam.
    nah, makanya kita perlu pendekatan yg komprehensif, semua jalan harus dilihat dan ditimbang. Jgn cuma dilihat dari satu sisi aja 🙂

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