New Year’s Resolution

I believe there is a trade-off for something you want to achieve. To have a good career, for example, you have to sacrifice your personal life, vice versa. In the last six years i have always made resolutions. Though i rarely back-tracked and evaluated it. I came to know that most of them are unattainable resolutions. Because some of them are paradoxal.

How could you possibly want to have good career while you wish to travel a lot and have a good relationship with your significant others. I found it really stupid. If you wanna have good career, just stay focus on your career and don’t let anyone get in your way. If you want to have good relationship don’t be too ambitious in your career, then you will have a beautiful love life.

And my new year resolution is not to make another stupid thwarted resolution such as:

  1. Be a better person. The more i get older, the more i believe that nice guys always finish last. In this evil world, to achieve something, I believe you have to be more cruel. If you wanna be nice guys just stay away from the real world and make friends with Disney’s characters. There you will find your own place.
  2. Quit smoking, which i will never could
  3. Travel more. Well, i only have 4 days offs until October this year, so tell me how am I able to travel more? Silly.
  4. Get a girl. Seriously this is the most stupid resolution i have ever made in my  life. What was i thinking? To have someone in your life is unpredictable, no target should be made. What am I, God.

What I really want for 2010 is to know my self better. Why? because things i have mentioned above are not my true resolutions. Those are everyone-around-me’s resolution. I have to stop doing things like everybody expect me to, it is tiring. I have got to know my self.

How am i gonna know my self better? that’s a good question, hmmm,  I still don’t know how. Though I will figure out later if it is possible

Well, if it is not possible, I can always switch my mode into artificial and superficial resolutions. And it sounds more positive and up-beat as everybody wants me to be.


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