Stay hungry Stay Foolish

There will be days when you feel like don’t know what are you doing in your life. You are stuck. You will be asking yourself whether you have made right decisions, were you in the right path, were you doing the right thing, were you truly enjoying what you were doing.

Steve Jobs told us a good story about his life. In 2005, Jobs gave speech at Standford University’s graduation. He gave us three stories. The first one about connecting the dot, the second one is about love and loss, and the third one is about death. Check out the video below.

Overall in his speech, Steve Jobs reminds us to find what we love. Work will take a large portion of our life. It would be such a waste if we spent most of our life doing things we don’t like. Living behind anyone’s shadow, following other people’s thought, trapped in dogma created by others are worthless. That is why we have to find what we love and show the world who we really are.  What if we haven’t found what we love? We have to keep looking and don’t settle. In our journey sometimes we just have to trust our gut. Who knows what we are doing now will become important for our future? All we have to do is doing our best while looking for it.

It is amazing how life can be. Like me, I don’t know why I end up working for fertilizer company in Bontang. Will it have something to do with my future, or will it be my future?  I’m totally clueless. What I do believe is I’m on the right path. In the other hand, I am a bit afraid that financial security will put me in comfortable zone. Because once we are settled, we are too lazy to think, our creativity is plugged, and finally we are reluctant to move forward.That is why I always remind myself never to get settled and leave the door open towards any possibilities.

Whenever you feel down, have doubt, or don’t know what to do with your life. Watch this video and see how inspiring people’s life is not easy. Sometimes they got hit by a brick in their head and they got bleed and bruises. But they managed to overcome it, picked theirself up, cleaned their wound, and moved on. They were fool enough to keep on going and have hunger to become better and better. So find what you love and have faith.

As Steve Jobs said,

Stay hungry stay foolish


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