For You, I will :)

You said there were two places in the world that you really wish to see, New York and Machu Picchu.

Well, I think New York is not so much different than Tokyo; it’s crowd, it’s ambience, it’s city lights. Well, it is just another huge city. But, Machu Picchu is something else. Even the name  sounds so cool, Machu Picchu.

I know that you have a unique taste darling. The idea of riding llama while exploring the lost city of Inca and enjoying the breathtaking scenery really fascinate you right?

You know I will do anything in my power to make you happy. You wanna visit New York just to take a picture in Times Square or you wanna  see Machu Picchu and riding llama, it is up to you. We will go there sometime, I promise you. Just promise me to give me that smile, your most sincere smile when you are really happy 🙂


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