In One Gloomy, Rainy, Boring Cold Day at The Office

It has been raining since morning and I haven’t been gone out from the office, even i didn’t attend the morning meeting. What I have been doing since morning was just working on the upcoming demersal fish report. It is interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me upbeat and energetic. Hence, since morning i have been really sleepy and struck by boredom. So  I figured to do something else instead.

In this gloomy, rainy, boring cold day (dammit,  I really wish it was weekend), I’m gonna write things people probably don’t know about me. Here we go.

  1. I rarely buy clothes. The last time I bought clothes was in January 2010. Until now, I have only worn them once or twice.
  2. I never like overly dramatized things. That is why I don’t like sinetrons, reality shows, and other lebay things.
  3. I love nature but in the other hand I always enjoy big city with its tall buildings, city lights,  malls, giant supermarkes, bridges and any other city’s landmarks.
  4. I cannot enjoy fine arts.  I can enjoy music and poetry. But sculpture, paintings and craft, I don’t understand how to appreciate it.
  5. Many friends said I live in the past. I enjoy old music and I am not really updated with recent fashion trends or recent gadgets.
  6. I don’t like corn (except popcorn) and string beans. Although I don’t like it, I still can eat it.
  7. I was born in Jakarta and live in Jakarta for 18 years. But the city where I really “grown-up” was Bandung where I have lived there for only four years.
  8. I have high tolerance of pain. Not just physical pain, but also mental.
  9. I hate hate people who are trying to be someone else they are not. If you are trying to look cool and inspiring to impress me, it won’t work. I can easily spot those pretenders.
  10. I always believe that if you are confident and comfortable of being yourself no matter what, those auras will radiate out of you and that makes you looks really cool even if you are an ass.
  11. I have tendencies to doubt things. I only believe things when I have experienced it.
  12. I’m moody. Be careful of my mood swings 😀
  13. I have good self-control. When I draw a line, I almost never have crossed that line.
  14. I have high level of curiosity. Well, sometimes it is a bit annoying for certain people 🙂
  15. It is hard for me to believe anyone.
  16. I’m introvert. I don’t share my problems except to closest friends.

There are plenty more of course, but  those are things I can think about right now.

Damn! It doesn’t help my boredom. It is almost 14.00 and I have presentation to attend. I hope it would be interesting, well just in case, I’ll bring a book 😀


3 responses to “In One Gloomy, Rainy, Boring Cold Day at The Office

  1. ah kmu ga ngerasa aja klo kadang-kadang kmu suka lebay juga. wkwk! ketika kita ga berada di posisi orang yg lebay itu, kita akan menganggap mereka lebay. tp ada saat di mana kmu ada pada kondisi yg membuat kmu jadi lebay dan orang lain menganggap kmu lebay (padahal kmunya ga ngerasa gitu, haha!)

  2. Lihat-lihat, rakhmi merasa tersinggung karena diam-diam dia suka sinetron, realty show dan punya kecenderungan mendramatisir keadaan, hehehe.
    Eh tapi seriusan, emang gw suka berlebihan gitu?

  3. heh rahmi cuma suka cinta fitri yah.. dan beberapa ftv. wkwk.. reality show? emh.. ga suka sm sekali. mendramatisir keadaan? yah, most of the time (ngaku).

    haha pernah dan.. kan rahmi bilang “ada saat di mana…”

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