Farewell Dear NEC-Versa

A few days ago, Bobby came to my desk and handed over his flash disk. I thought he wanted to scan his flash disk with my powerful NOD 32 anti virus. So, I plugged it in to my USB port. Suddenly, after the pop out notification, my laptop was dead. I was not worried because it had happened before, so I just turned it on again.  Right after booting to Windows it turned off again.  I started to worry, I turned it on again and yet again it turned off  again. Oh no, it happened, my laptop is dead. Bobby, who actually never wanted to scan his flash disk, just laugh. It turned out that  he just wanted to tease me. He handed over his flash disk because he wanted to show me his picture in Yogjakarta with the girl I had a crush on (a really long time ago), what an ass. Indirectly, he killed my loyal laptop 😦

Usually, every two or three days, I made a safety sync to my external hard drive since my laptop often shut-down mysteriously. I arranged my folder into category and filled it with the files related to the category. When I plugged in my external hard drive to laptop, there is this fancy software which can update all my files and folders into the hard drive with just one click. So, the arrangement and files I have been working on are always back -up. Apparently, there were recent work I hadn’t put in those folders, instead I put it on the desktop. Thus, When I synced it, my recent works didn’t go to the hard drive. Crap.

So, I took off my laptop’s hard drive and brought it to the IT Department to save my recent works. There, I got my hard drive connected to the PC as a slave. Yeah,  The PC detected my hard drive. But since it was password protected, I couldn’t access my data. Dammit ! I tried a desperate attempt to re-insert the hard drive into its original place – my laptop –  and turned it on. Miracle happened, it was successfully able to access windows. Quickly, I copied all my recent works to the external hard drive fearing  it would be soon dead again. Not so long after I had my data copied, my fear came true,  it turned off again. The technician could do nothing about it, he said the problem was in the motherboard not the hard drive. In the end,  He suggest me to buy a new laptop.

I was sad at first. Early this years I have predicted my laptop will be dead sooner or later since the frequent occurrence of windows blue screen of death (BSOD). Well, my old laptop was four years old, I think he deserves a peace. I decided to buy a new one since I don’t know how am  I gonna survive without one (*lebayista.com)   I gleefully rubbed my hand and can’t wait for the joy of looking around for the new laptop, hehehe.

Old NEC laptop

I have been doing some research for the new laptop. My old laptop was NEC versa E6210, a high-end laptop with relatively affordable price.  At first, I was very satisfied with its performance, then I began to understand why my laptop price wasn’t expensive while it had high specs.  One thing I hate from my laptop was  its noise that came from the internal cooler. It seems like the laptop need the noisy fan for compensating the heavy-duty NVIDIA graphic card. The second was the screen. Although it had a high-end graphic card, my old laptop had a lame screen.What is the point of  having the latest graphic card if you cannot enjoy it on the screen?

Based on the experience I had, I wouldn’t buy laptop from its high- specs . Rather, I will buy laptop from reputable brand and seek preview about it in internet. After doing some research,  my heart is set on the Macbook pro (MBP) 13″.  Why? first,because it is Mac. Unlike other computer, Mac offered a package consist of hardware and software. I can throw away all the worries about hardware and software incompatibility along the way. Second, because of its LED back light screen and good sound. And the third, I always love the elegant design of Apple products, they make you look more artsy 😀

Well, of course I still need Windows to run several work-related programs. I just need to install boot camp or parallel desktop to run windows on Mac. Voila, problem solved.

Pretty isn't it?

There are two kind of 13″ MBP, the high-end and low-end. The difference between high-end and low-end are  just 0.2 clock and 70 GB of storage gaps, the others are exactly the  same. The high-end has 2.66 GHz Intel core 2 duo processor and 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive while the low-end has 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo processor and 250 GB 5400 rpm of hard drive. The price difference for both MBP are $300. I don’t think 0.2 Ghz clock and 70 GB worth it.  So, I decided to buy the low-end MBP 13″ and save $300. Saving $300 means I could buy that fancy magic mouse and other stuff, yay!

Now, I have to figure out how & when am I gonna buy MBP? I doubt they have an authorized reseller in Bontang. Well, I think I have to be patient until I get a chance to go to Jakarta 🙂


2 responses to “Farewell Dear NEC-Versa

  1. yup moga buruan bs ke JKT n beli MAC Pro-nya ya dan…. yippiiieeeeee ^_*

  2. wildanjohardi

    Yaa! rencananya akhir Juli ini mau menyambangi jakarta dan bandung Tan 😀

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