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About Khan Academy

Recently I have found myself a new hobby, learning from videos made by Khan Academy. Okay, you can call me freak or whatever. I just couldn’t help myself not to open those videos. Why do I do this? I don’t know, maybe I just miss my school days, or perhaps it was just a guilt trip because I barely learning at school. Yep, I should have doing this many years ago, studying I mean 😀

My favorite subject from Khan are calculus and statistics because I need those to analyze data 😀 Since high school, college and during work this is the first time I found them easy to follow. I used to spend hours reading boring text book only to take a grasp on the concept. In the end, I got bored and decided to do something else.  In his video, it only took 10 – 20 minutes to make me understand. Also, He rarely use  fancy technical terms and if he had to use the technical terms, he explained it before hand.

Aside from my growing obsession to learn anything that Khan offers, I really appreciate his idea to provide education to anyone, anywhere as long as they are connected to the WWW. It was a marvelous idea. From Khan Academy we can learn many things from algebra to history, from biology to investment.

Salman Khan

So who is the Khan guy?  Salman Khan got three degree from MIT,  bachelor degree in math, Bachelor in electrical engineering & computer science, and Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He also hold MBA from Harvard University. I bet you have no reason to doubt his credibility. He was a senior researcher in hedge-fund before quitting his job and dedicated his life to Khan Academy project. At first, he began to tutor his cousin, Nadia. As Nadia improving her math, another cousin and relatives started to ask him to tutor them. Because he found it impossible to match his time and his students time, he started to make videos on You tube. You tube showed its power, within short period, his audience is growing, he got positive feedback, and  he keep making videos up until now. Well, not so much different from Justin Bieber’s story.

For me he is one in a million. I never found such a compassionate teacher. Making video especially for educational purpose is painful unless you put your heart in it (right Rakhmi Ramdhani? :D) Can you imagine he made over 1800 videos all by himself which covers many subject, from math, science and humanities. Counting on how many hours he tried to grab the concept of the one subject and conveyed his understanding in  the form of multimedia, we can tell that he is a very determined and passionate person in learning and teaching. Moreover, it is for non-profit purpose!

He doesn’t use fancy tools to deliver his teaching. He only use a camtasia recorder, smoothdraw3 and a wacom bambo tablet for PC. Even, he used to deliver his teaching only with Microsoft Paint. Supposedly, as an MIT graduated computer geek, creating fancy software is easy.  So why did he use simple tools? Perhaps he doesn’t want to intimidate his student. He shows simplicity in his teaching and also in tools he used. Or maybe he was gonna show us that “make a difference” doesn’t need sophisticated tools like Large Hadron Collider.

Salman Khan is a legitimate proof that we actually can change the world. By capitalizing the simplest technology anyone can find. He made a breakthrough in educational context. He made his lecture in conversational manner, not in serious manner as most lectures do in class. This is really inspiring. The message is, you don’t have to be big, or you don’t have to wait until you are big to make a difference. One simple step and commitment was all he got to make a difference. If you have the simplest idea in anything that you might think will work, just go for it. Don’t let it anything or anyone gets in your way.

And I, I will continue to fulfill my thirst of knowledge by visiting his website 😀

Please visit khan academy for further information