Catharsis #2

Not everything you have expected comes to reality.  Hard work, and everything you have invested (time, energy, blood, tears) don’t necessarily produce a result you have expected. The world is not fair, embrace it.  No matter what all the planning that you have made, efforts that you have put, yet you couldn’t control the result. That is the reality, it is uncertain. Maybe the certain thing about life is its uncertainty and death.

“God has a plan for everyone of us and everything will be beautiful at its moment”. Oh, how I hate that phrase right now. Not that I don’t believe in God and all, it is just so cliché. Why do we have to compensate pain with the beauty? The beauty wouldn’t change the feeling of pain right?

I remember Hazel Grace ( the character in The Fault in Our Stars who I’ll always fall in love with)  gave another meaning of pain (since she had cancer and suffered a lot). She took quotes from her favourite book, “pain demands to be felt”. I really like her perspective, she is not trying to fight the pain, ignore it, or compensate the pain. She accepts it, embrace it as a part of her life.

The failure is just a tiny dot of the myriads dots in my book of life. But it demands to be felt and I have to accept it as a part of my journey.


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