Hitting the Big 3

As per today, I’m entering the new phase of my life, the big 30! When I look at my self in the mirror this morning, i saw some signs of ageing process; wrinkle around my mouth, age spots on my face, and of course a-never-flat belly. Damn,  it is so hard keeping your belly fat at this age. I have been doing the best I could, but still it is simply resist to be flat, it is just, you know, the muscle couldn’t withstand the  pressure from my inner belly, just like a breach on a dam. It is like, there is an overflowing fat in my belly and you can see it clearly.
But anyway, speaking of thirty, statistically speaking, i probably still have like 35 years or less to live in this world, if i am lucky. So lets hope, in the next 1, 3, or 30 years to come, I will be better  person and nicer to people.
And, perhaps, if there are words that can describe my feeling right now, It would be Sapardi’s words, Dalam Diriku.
Hello 30!
Dalam Diriku

Because the sky is blue
It makes me cry
(The Beatles)

dalam diriku mengalir sungai panjang,
darah namanya;
dalam diriku menggenang telaga penuh darah,
sukma namanya;
dalam diriku meriak gelombang sukma,
hidup namanya!
dan karena hidup itu indah,
aku menangis sepuas-puasnya.

Sapardi Djoko Damono, 1980


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